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Just want to share you these amazing tracks I got from my email! Hope you like em too! :p

Cool Rainbows - Reality and a Clue 
This is my fave from this set! Check out his music here 

Couldnt decide which track to post from this band so here's the entire album stream! If you like Letting Up Despite the Great Faults and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, you gonna dig this band.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Visions

Speaking of Letting Up Despite the Great Faults, here's a new track from their upcoming album Untogether.

HUSH! - There's Something in the Stars Tonight
Here's another shoegaze sweetness. The vocals kinda sound like Rico Blanco

Alpaca Sport - I Was Running

CHAPPO - What Are You Kids On?
Sorry, I just had to include this photo. hahaha! It's from the bands NSFW music video for Hell No, but the track below is much better :p

Young Cairo - Ghost

Trails And WaysMtn Tune

Van She - Jamaica

The Presets - Ghosts


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