ANALOG DIARY: We're 'bout to make some memories tonight

/ 6.11.12 /
I really dont know how surveillance mirror works.
Karlie cam shy
BIMBI the faux lion :p
white curves
some sort of an altar or something. I dunno.
Queen of convenience
I thought Chinese New Year moved to September with these deco hanging from Landmark's supamarket.
Curves making an apple pie. DEELEESH I MUST SAY :p
I dunno if Ed was doing a paw thing or just happy to see us.
CaMaNaVa crew reprezeeent. Baesa Chapter.
I love this part of Nichols where skyways break into several directions.
Arnie reading the menu like she'll have an exam about it. JUST ORDER!
and me witha smile :)
Pho yo eyes only
tonight let's get some!


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