MUST LISTEN: The Kiss by Pallers

/ 24.5.10 /

Over the weekend, me and my friends went to Batangas for a much needed break to condition ourselves for the upcoming deadlines and tons of workload waiting for us in our desks. Not for me though, I was still following up some pull-out requests and photo shoot stuff so basically I was still working.

To the main reason for this  post, I just discovered this song from the long list of my newly downloaded music and fell in love with it instantly. The Kiss is totally unexpected for me. When the intro hit my eardrums, i thought it was just a regular dreamy, shoegazerish track which I usually love only because of their style and melody. But with this song, it's kind of different. The slow build up of multi-layered instrumentation is a total cliffhanger. Then the dreamy vocals started to sing about a kiss, someone else's eyes and all this sweet stuff which put me into a cheezy mode and I started imagining singing this song to someone. Going back, I thought it'll just stay that way- that calming, endearing state where all stoned people would love to go. But as the song goes, it unfolds into a more head-nodding track leaving me with a slight hangover. After the first listen, I had it on repeat and it became the official soundtrack of my weekend.

In the Labrador Records site, Pallers' sound is described as a "dance music for the lazy, the blazers and for the slightly depressed." True enough, The Kiss sings about an unrequited love and all that sh8t that's why i hate to love it! Johan AngergÄrd, you know where to hit me! Take a listen to the track and you can download it here.


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