MUST LISTEN: Tip of Your Tongue by Porcelain Raft

/ 31.10.10 /

I don't expect my readers to agree in eveything I post on this blog. But this one is an exception and I want everyone who's reading this right now to agree with me that Tip of Your Tongue is one of the best songs I've featured.

If you're a big fan of Beach House, it's time to hit the stop button and make some room for another act that does justice to the genre that not everybody can pull off with class- dream pop. The culprit of this icy sound is Mauro Remiddi aka Porcelain Raft who managed to put all these layers of sounds and vocals by himself. He has already released 3 EPs but Tip of Your Tongue is his very first single that will be released this November under Acephale.

I've been listening to Porcelain Raft for quite some time now and Tip of Your Tongue (or Teeeep of your tongue as he sang it) is a good song to introduce him to a wider audience. Its hypnotic sound and catchy chorus can make a first time listener an instant fan.

If you want more of Porcelain Raft's music, you can visit his official site, MySpace or you can even download his tracks at Bandcamp.

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