My Band Crushes of 2010

/ 31.12.10 /
2010 was a fun year of blogging! Almost everyday on my email, I have new music from bands that are worth sharing to other people. I'm very honored to be a platform of interesting music that people don't usually get to hear on the radio or on MTV. So here are my band crushes that made me wet through out 2010.

Perky chill-wavers from Massachusetts

A sugar rushed Animal Collective

Their sound is a fusion of electro, art-rock, drum n' bass and everything. It's hard to pin down which genre they fall in to but whatever that is, they own the category.

Parisian duo that aren't short but definitely entertaining.

Their sound is a mixture of everything shoegaze, dark wave, eerie synth and all but they aren't afraid to put a little bit of spring time in their gloominess.

Quiet Lights
Brooklyn-based band with mesmerizing sound that takes their name literally. 

Housse de Racket
The band you would like to Voulez-vous coucher avec moi with.

Youth Sounds
Their music is moody and dreamlike but never loses a punch of edginess.

The Technicolors
Sweet serenaders that will punch your heart with painful lyrics and melodic tunes.

My Parasol
A Filipino-Korean love affair with electro indie-pop as the soundtrack to their telenovela.

'That's so 90's' is a complement phrase for this LA-based duo which is heavily influenced by that era's 'alternativity.'

Chasing Pluto
Epic Pop defined.

Turbo Goth

An electro pop act that dances crazily, wears stylish clothes and plays music that's glowsticks wave-worthy.

The Gentle Isolation

Bulacan's newest sweet sensation with indie-pop sensibilities.

Your Imaginary Friend

Melodic noise-pop with sugar coatings on top.


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